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  • HOW TO-Wax your car (Very Detailed, Useful Information) **Also refer to description
    **PLEASE NOTE: "Liquid Polymer Carnauba Wax" is not the same as a Low Cost, Low Quality, common liquid wax. These same techniques apply to your RV, Motorcycle, truck and Bus. 1. Blue Coral Car soap (or similar, avail. at wal-mart) I use a different one that is professional grade. If you cant find it then the Blue Coral or Similar will do just fine. 2. "MOTHERS" Car Polish **The Name has been changed to "MOTHERS" PRE-WAX CLEANER. (refer to video to know where to get it) 3."PINNICLE BRILLIANCE" car polish (message me to know where to get it). 3.B. "Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Bar Kit" (message me to know where to get it). 4."TURTLE WAX" rubbing compound (refer to video to know where to get it) 5.For The- Liquid Polymer Carnauba Wax.....i can recommened 3 brands. A.- "Mothers Reflections" B.- "BriteMax" C.- "PC" (Message me to tell you where to get them). 6. For the- Carnauba Paste Wax I recommened 3 Brands/Types A.- "Pinnacle Souvran" B.- "Pinnacle Souvran Signature Series ll" C.- "Guru Wax" (message me to find out where to get them). 7.100% cotton Applicator (for waxes available at wal-mart or similar)**do not use the foam ones that come with some waxes** 8. 100% cotton T-shirt or cotton terry cloth (for rubbing compound) **make sure it has no decals and is not contaminated with strong laundry detergents or especially fabric softeners. 9.100% cotton Micro-Fiber Towels (for buffing out and removing the waxes) **Avaiable at Wal-Mart or Similar. Any other questions just ask!! **COMMENT/RATE/VIEW and SUBSCRIBE**
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