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  • Advanced Strafe Jump Tutorial
    www.CoDJumper.com This video by Matty shows you how to do a long distance strafe jump. The jump in the video is 316 units and is not going to be suitable for beginners. You can train your strafe jumping skills using mp_codjumper_training map which is available to download here: http://www.codjumper.com/maps/index2.php?game=cod4&ID=7 Map created by KillerSam and Pedsdude. You can see how you compare to other jumpers on our gap records page here: http://www.codjumper.com/gaprecords.php --- All jumps done with 125 fps --- Enjoy! Music: Journey - Don't Stop Believin Extra tags: matty promod codjumper cod jumper glitch glitching glitches exploit exploits out of map strafe jump jumping jumps strafejump strafejumping strafejumps call of duty two cod2 cod4 coduo united offensive modern warfare activision infinity ward pedsdude destiny drofder drofder2004 zaitsev thepresident30 killersam ai caramba aicaramba game games gaming clan treyarch computer pc mac ps3 xbox 360 wii
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